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The original germanium based Fuzz Face – we all know it.  Jimi Hendrix saw to that.  Woolly, swirly, with the ability to make a guitar scream or sing.  Hendrix’s 1968 Royal Albert Hall performance is my favorite example of how he used this effect when playing live; the Royal Albert is designed with that same circuit in mind, but with a few changes.

It has a tighter low end and better treble response, quieter operation, more volume output, and is temperature stable…so it performs the same in cold or warm conditions (the original Fuzz Face didn’t do so well with that).  It also has just a little more gain for a touch of a heavier fuzz tone.  Finally, it includes an adjustable bias control, which allows you to dial in just the right type of sound, from smooth to raspy and gated.

Options: For a slightly hotter fuzz tone (more gain), add $15.  We have a limited number of pristine, gorgeous sounding old 2N1378 germanium transistors that have a LOT more gain; in this circuit, they yield a more ripping, burning fuzz tone.   We can use these for an additional $25.