The Archetype

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I was sitting with Craig Northey (of the great Canadian band The Odds and one of Canada’s most respected songwriters and producers) in his home studio a few years ago, talking about the Klon Centaur.

The Klon is the Golden Fleece, the Holy Grail, the Lost Ark of overdrives.  Craig and I talked about ways to make a circuit that would offer much of what the Klon offered, but provide different options as well, and he asked if we could come up with something that would suit his purposes.  A year later (and after a tone of experimentation) we produced the Archetype.  It’s not a Klon, but it covers a lot of the ground that makes the Klon so great; at the same time, it goes in some different directions as well.  The Archetype has a different, smoother-sounding overdrive (making it easier to get a really nice dirty sound out of a clean amp), and also has a “boost” control…this is really useful and very interactive with the other controls on the circuit and the settings on your amp.


The Archetype can yield many different shades of drive, allowing you to “color” the sound of your amp’s natural drive or just intensify and saturate it with real transparency and clarity.  It can be subtle or very heavy.  Craig’s been using the Archetype consistently in his live rig since we send it to him, and lots of other players we work with have found it to be a really useful tool in their arsenal as well.  So – we now offer these in limited runs.